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What foods are not recommended for guinea pigs?

By Aluxe on May 11, 2016
Chocolate Nuts Onions Rhubarb Potatoes Human dairy products Garlic Shelled nuts or seeds Iceberg lettuce is not necessarily dangerous but it's not recommended due to lack of nutritional value

How can I train my hamster to be lifted in my palm?

By Aluxe on May 11, 2016
To train your hamster to be lifted in your open palm like an elevator, offer bits of vegetables or a single sunflower seed in your hand during the taming process. The treats will help coax your pet to move into your palm. After being in your hand bec...

How can I train my hamster to run through tunnels?

By Aluxe on May 10, 2016
To get them to run through a tunnel, take advantage of your hamster's natural curiosity and love of burrowing. Set up a series of dye-free cardboard tubes, those from toilet paper and paper towels work well, and sprinkle seeds along the route as an i...

Can I train my hamster?

By Aluxe on May 10, 2016
You can't train your hamster in the same way you can a cat, dog or even a bird, but you can condition your pet to respond in a repetitive manner. Hamsters will respond to familiar voices and repeated actions, so with a little patience, you can produc...

How often should I feed my guinea pig treats?

By Aluxe on May 10, 2016
• It’s recommended that treats, such as commercially produced treats as well as fruits and vegetables, should not exceed 10 percent of your guinea pig’s total food intake. Their meals should primarily consist of specially formulated guinea pig pellet...

What is indoor cat food?

By Stacy Lynn on Mar 16, 2016
Indoor formulas support healthy weight, hairball control and litter box odor.

What is an organic diet?

By Stacy Lynn on Mar 16, 2016
The term "organic" describes a type of natural pet food that contains food sources that have not been exposed to pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Must meet USDA, FDA or recognized authorities in organic standards. Organic must b...

How can I tell the gender of my Platy?

By Stacy Lynn on Mar 8, 2016
In sexing livebearers the adult males tend to be smaller and may be more brightly colored. Also in the adult males the anal fin has develops into a organ known as a gonopodium. Depending on the age of the fish this can be difficult to tell the gender...

What is a skin and coat pet food?

By Stacy Lynn on Mar 2, 2016
Skin and coat pet foods are specially formulated to help promote the health of your pet’s skin and coat, including making it shinier and softer, from the inside out.

What is hairball control?

By Stacy Lynn on Mar 2, 2016
Hairball control diets are formulated to aid in digestion and help prevent hairballs in cats . There are also treats and other supplements that can help control hairballs if diet is not enough.