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Plant Your Way to a More Beautiful Freshwater Aquarium

By Leah_Pet on Oct. 20, 2017
Learn how to design a planted aquarium ecosystem you and your fish can both enjoy.

Freshwater Aquarium Treatment Options

By delaneydit123 on Oct. 18, 2017
When you walk into your local Petco, you are likely to find an array of freshwater treatment products, and making sense of which ones you need can be...
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Ask a Vet a Question Online 24/7 for Free!

By Petco_Charlene on May. 12, 2017
Need pet care advice? We’ve got you covered in the Petco Community with our new Ask a Vet widget, powered by PetCoach. Verified pet experts are standi...

National Pets @ Work Day - The Joys of Being a Petco Office Pet

By PetcoBlogger on Apr. 21, 2017
Petco established “National Pets @ Work Day” on April 19 , 2016. While we’ve shared many of the benefits that a pet-friendly workplace can bring, such...
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Fresh Water

Betta with Neon Tetra?

By Jetta1981 on Oct. 17, 2017
We got our Betta a few weeks ago. I believe he's a Delta Tai...
Fish General


By Kevin2525 on Oct. 9, 2017
I have a major problem. I don’t know if my parakeet is a mal...

Dollar per gallon

By schmidy9612 on Oct. 6, 2017
When is the next dollar per gallon sale at the Grand Forks,...

$1 Per gallon

By Xavier Gabriel on Oct. 2, 2017
The $1 per gallon is on going now!

$1 per gallon sale

By jabo88 on Sep. 30, 2017
The Greenville location said the $1 per gallon sale would be...
Fresh Water

$1 per gallon sale

By Dodd on Sep. 27, 2017
When will the next $1 per gallon fish tank sell be in Moline...
Health & Nutrition

Red Spots Appeared on my Goldfish

By IrishJane on Sep. 25, 2017
Ever since we got a pleco fish, red spots started to appear...

Next dollar per gallon sale

By Jason on Sep. 25, 2017
When is next dpg sale I missed the one in aug.
Fish General

Breeding Mollies

By AnitaSammich on Sep. 22, 2017
I had 20 mollies in a 50 gallon tank. Both male and female....

$1 per gallon sale in NYC?

By Xentastic on Sep. 21, 2017
when will the next dollar per gallon sale go on in nyc and q...
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