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Freshwater Aquarium Treatment Options

By delaneydit123 on Aug. 11, 2017
When you walk into your local Petco, you are likely to find an array of freshwater treatment products, and making sense of which ones you need can be...
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Ask a Vet a Question Online 24/7 for Free!

By Petco_Charlene on May. 12, 2017
Need pet care advice? We’ve got you covered in the Petco Community with our new Ask a Vet widget, powered by PetCoach. Verified pet experts are standi...

National Pets @ Work Day - The Joys of Being a Petco Office Pet

By PetcoBlogger on Apr. 21, 2017
Petco established “National Pets @ Work Day” on April 19 , 2016. While we’ve shared many of the benefits that a pet-friendly workplace can bring, such...

Could Your Pet be the Next Big Health Care Breakthrough?

By LauraNewcomer on Dec. 28, 2016
Recent research from the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) shows that our pets are good for our health. If you’re skeptical (or simply loo...
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Fish General

betta help

By wally_betta on Sep. 18, 2017
About a month ago I bought a betta fish (Wally) and two snai...

$1 tank sale MD

By Cheesymac on Sep. 18, 2017
When is the next $1/gal. sale in the Annapolis area? I need...
Fish General

Full grown angel fish

By JennieTaylor on Sep. 17, 2017
How big of an aquarium should I have for a full grown angel...

Dollar Per Gallon Sale CT

By Tatiyana916 on Sep. 13, 2017
I ALWAYS miss this sale. I finally have enough money where I...

$1 per gallon sale in CA

By lizzy123 on Sep. 11, 2017
when is the next $1 per gallon sale in california?
Fish General

Where to adopt a pet

By tammysummers on Sep. 11, 2017
It looks like users can now buy gift cards to Petco with Bit...

$1 per gallon sale

By leehj1 on Sep. 11, 2017
When are the dates for the next $1 per gallon sale in Chapel...
Fish General

Betta help

By Rachel on Sep. 6, 2017
I keep trying with bettas and they all keep dying. What am I...

When is the next $1 per gallon sale

By Dan1956 on Sep. 6, 2017
When is the next $1 per gallon sale

Is a Zilla Tank included in the Sale?

By cierajm on Sep. 6, 2017
I found a 20 gallon zilla tank with the lid. I'm wondering i...
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