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Big, Loving Dog Makes Moving Across the Country Worth It

By PetcoFoundation on Feb. 17, 2017
After moving from North Carolina to California and losing their beloved dog of 12 years, Biggie brings joy and love to family, building a special bond...

A Perfect Life After Finding Frankie

By PetcoFoundation on Feb. 16, 2017
From skittish to playful, how one dog's resilience brings joy to her family.

Valentine's Day: Celebrate Unconditional Love

By PetcoBlogger on Feb. 14, 2017
Pets give us unconditional love and will forever hold a very special place in our hearts . We’re here to celebrate them this Valentine’s Day with spec...

Two Castaways Flourish in a New Home Full of Love

By PetcoFoundation on Feb. 10, 2017
Adopted dogs inspire woman to pursue a new career.
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Dog General

customer service

By Scott on Feb. 15, 2017
As a insinuated potential thief please delete my account and...
Dog General


By 307wyo on Feb. 13, 2017
I adopted a dog over a week ago and I've been trying to pott...
Dog General

Dog Toy Donations?

By TheDanTaylor on Feb. 12, 2017
Anyone know of a good national organization that collects un...
Health & Nutrition

Best food for dalmations

By Dalamtion on Feb. 6, 2017
We gave our dalmation hills science diet ideal balance food...
Training & Behavior

Crying in crate!! Help!!

By mandac11 on Jan. 30, 2017
Hello everyone! I have a cockapoo that is 18 weeks. I am nee...
Health & Nutrition

Picky eater

By Havanese on Jan. 27, 2017
I have a 13 week old Havanese he is a very picky eater he wi...
This class is designed to train the participant in canine an...
Ask a Dog Expert

Will/When will my dogs sprain heal?

By DukeJewell33 on Jan. 14, 2017
On December 23rd, my dog Duke, 60lb pit lab, was running dow...
People deal with their unwanted pets in many ways. Some peop...
Health & Nutrition

making your own treats

By rocco on Jan. 9, 2017
I thought garlic wasn't good for dogs. I read a recipe for m...
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