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The WholePets(TM) Philosophy Represents Petco's Commitment To Your Pet's Complete Health

by Community Manager on ‎08-21-2014 06:52 PM - last edited on ‎05-13-2015 04:15 PM by Community Contributor

We know being a great pet parent is more than just spending quality time with your pet. It's about building a healthy relationship by caring for their physical, mental, social and emotional needs. At Petco, we call this WholePets(TM). Through WholePets, we're committed to providing all the products, services and advice you need to help you care for the complete health and well-being of your pet.





Physical well-being:


Your pet's physcial needs include getting proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, enjoying regular grooming and having a safe, clean and well-maintained habitat. To keep your pet physically healthy, we offer:


- Pet food and supplements that keep your pet properly nourished

- A wide selection of grooming services to keep his coat and teeth in good shape

- Products and services that help your pet get the health care and exercise he needs to stay strong and fit


Mental well-being:


Stimulating your pet's mind through interactive play, engaging toys and training goes a long way in supporting his mental well-being. Petco offers a variety of:


- Dog training classes

- Pet parenting workshops

- Pet workshops


that can literally teach your dog new tricks.


We also carry an array of stimulating and interactive toys that relieve boredom, promote good behavior, develop problem solving skills and encourage thinking and learning.


Social well-being:


Keeping pets engaged and friendly in social situations will help them build  healthier relationships, while feeling comfortable and confident around other pets and people. For your pet's social needs, Petco encourages:


- Healthy social interactions, whether in a group setting or solo

- Training classes

- In-store events

- Interaction at home with special toys and treats


Emotional well-being:


Pets thrive when they feel happy, secure and comfortable, which comes from getting plenty of love and a safe home environment. Your pet's emotional well-being can be addressed wtih services and products that help provide love, attention, comfort and security. Reward your pet with:


- Treats

- Toys

- A comfortable habitat

- Calming aids


Help your pet feel secure by giving him a bed, crate or nook that  he can call his own. If your pet also tends to be a bit nervous when you are gone, you may also want to consider some calming aids, like a Thundershirt.


For more pet advice, please join fellow pet parents here in our Pet Talk Place community.




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