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Sun Conure At State College, PA Petco Since April!

I'm not sure what to do in this situation, so I guess I'll ask on here and see what happens. I had asked many months ago about a green cheek conure that was at another local store for quite a while, but fortunately that bird found a home. I since adopted a green cheek and I love him dearly. I started actively looking at Sun, Jenday, Nanday etc. conures, larger conures. I have been aware of 2 conures at my local State College, PA store, and they've been there since April. One is a Sun conure and one is a Jenday conure. They were originally priced at $649, which is ridiculous, they are hand fed but that's just ridiculous, and is most of the reason these birds are still at my local store.

So now my local store has also added a cinnamon green cheek conure and a black capped conure for $399 and $549, respectively. Again ridiculous prices. These two birds have been there for almost 2 months too. I feel so badly because I go in at least once a week for food or toys, and I hope every time that they have gone to a good home, but they are always still in those little tiny cages. Today I went and the Sun conure was crying for me, as usual. They recently dropped the price on the Sun and Jenday conures to $487, but considering they were born in January and are over 7 months old this is again a ridiculous price, and there is no way they will sell an adult bird that's been in that cage since April for that amount of money. And here's why:

After the price dropped to $487 I told a friend about it, she has been in with me several times looking at the bird's, and is actively looking for one herself. Well she told me I'd be crazy to pay $487 for an almost adult bird that has been in a little cage like that most of it's life when I can drive to Reading, Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or any other state and buy a baby Sun conure or Jenday conure of 9-10 weeks that was bred and hand raised (different than hand fed, believe me I know) by a reputable breeder, with a health guarantee, hatch date certificate, and in some cases vaccinations and DNA sexing already done for anywhere from $250-$400, depending on bloodlines, what's included with the bird, etc. So o got online to www.birdsnow.com, www.hoobly.com, etc., at least 10 different websites with breeders selling Sun conures, and I already knew she was correct as I've been doing research for a while, but I had to confirm.

There are many Sun, Jenday, Nanday, Blue Crowned, etc. conures for sale right at this moment, all anywhere from 8-15 weeks old, all hand raised (Petco conures are hand fed, not hand raised) and very tame, and all are from very reputable private breeders, not bird mills or large vendors. And the highest price I've seen is $400, and that was for very young birds with special markings or colorings, some that came with a cage, etc. I can get a 15 week old Sun conure comparable to the one at my local Petco that is over 7 months old and that has been stuck in that cage since April, for $249. It would even out to $300 with gas to go pick it up to be fair. But I'm so torn, those two poor conures have been in those cages with very little play time, no flight time at all, very little handling, etc. It's no life for them to be leading. It's not fair to them at all, and I fear they will never be sold because of their prices and ages, and just the fact that they've been there that long.

Part of me wants to go back to Petco right now and bring that Sun conure home, and another part of me says paying $200 more for a 7 month+ old bird that will need to be tamed and may have behavioral issues and probably came from a bird mill is just being an idiot. But my heart breaks for them because I know I could give him a wonderful home. My friend said soon they will ship these 2 birds off to another Petco and say they are much younger than they are to sell them, so they will never consider selling the bird for $300, even though it's a rational argument that they may never sell them, they just don't really care about the bird's, just money...thoughts on this? Advice?