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Training a 5 month saint bernard

Hi! this big boy here is max, he's a 5 month old saint bernard and still showing signs of getting bigger. I was wondering if anyone has experience in training big dogs the basic commands (sit, come, stay, ect.). He is still a puppy so it's hard to keep him interested for very long. I would also like advice on how to stop him from jumping on people, and i would like to teach him how to walk on a leash like a gentleman. I am going to train him myself and at home, so if you have any  tips or pointers please comment. Thank you! 101_9791 (2).JPG101_9787.JPG101_9782.JPG

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Re: Training a 5 month saint bernard

Big/giant dogs are my favorote!!
Your baby is an absolute love! I adore saints and their big drool mouths <3

Firstoff, don't listen to anyone that tells you that big dogs need to be handled roughly. It's absolute BS. Fear is a poor teaching tool....and learning should be fun for both ends of the leash Smiley Happy

If he is jumping up on people the best thing you can do is NOT push him away, especially with your hands. Often times dogs see pushing as play so they actually get rewarded for jumping.

He jumps out of excitement and to get your attention, so only give that to him when he is not jumping up. Teach him that the quickest way to get everyone's attention is with a sit, whereas jumping will get him ignored. Even turn your back to hime while you wait.

Leash walking is a simple concept, but it takes time to teach...trust me though, if mine can learn yours can! Mine used to pull like a mule!

Don't buy a prong or choke chain or anything that is designed to hurt. Get something to give you leverage that won't harm the dog. (I like front clip harnesses like the Freedom) and simply teach him that pulling=stopping.
The only reason he pulls is if it works! So many owners walk their dogs an allow them to pull their arm off the whole time there on a walk, and that rewards and reinforces the pulling. Instead "be a tree" if he starts.

Tension on the leash=stopping or changing directions. He will get the picture if you are consistent Smiley Happy

Good luck with your big beautiful goober!!
*Training should be fun for both ends of the leash!*.
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