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Puppy + 12 hour night shifts

I have a 7 week old tri pitbull. I work 12 hour nights in a hospital 3 days a week. I want my pup to be crate trained and house trained. Ive had him since Christmas and he was doing ok when I was gone 5-6 hours but last night was his first 12 hours alone and it's been a rough day. He pooped on his puppy pads, but it looks like he was walking back and forth through it getting himself and the crate dirty.
Please give me advice?!
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Re: Puppy + 12 hour night shifts

Hi Apollo17 and Welcome to Pet Talk Place! Training our pets does require a lot of patience but to obtain a great result is indeed a great fulfillment. Smiley Happy Click on these articles that will help you: How to crate train your dog and indoor to outdoor potty training tips for puppies

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Re: Puppy + 12 hour night shifts

This what marienze said, or maybe you can rent someone to take him to walk and work a little bit with him.
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