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Need a quick temporary solution

I'm in dire need of a quick temporary solution. Brought home my new pup Thursday. He's a year old and most definitely a mutt. He's calm and well behaved when he's around people, but has managed to rip apart his kennel liner and bed already. He did fine after the second night sleeping in the crate, but today while I was at work, he completely destroyed the liner, ripped his tags off, and defecated all over himself and his crate. I'm more than willing to put the time and energy into training him properly, but I need a way to ensure his safety during the day. His schedule will require that he be crated at night until he is potty trained, and for a total of about 28 hours during the week (7 hours a day maximum), again, until he is house trained. How can I help my pup get through the next couple of days? I feel uneasy leaving him in a crate without even a liner, but he's completely destroyed both the bed and liner, and has no alternative BUT the crate in the mornings until Friday.

I work far too early to utilize a doggy day care, or pet sitter.

I don't have a way to safely contain him outside without risk of him overheating.



Re: Need a quick temporary solution

Hello AshleyP,
Congratulations on your new puppy! It's always fun to have a new dog...... Except for that part when you find that the dog is destructive. They're so sweet, you can't get rid of them, and it can be hard when you come home from a tiring day and you find a mess to clean up (if only dogs could clean).
I used to have a destructive dog, also a mutt. When we went on vacation, we told the pet sitter to put her in the crate. When we got home, we found a wall all chewed up by Pepper the dog.

My first suggestion is this:
Even if you can't put Fido in a doggy day care, He may get bored and lonely in the crate. You could ask friends or neighbors to come over to your home and play, walk and maybe feed Fido when you're gone. They can just stay for maybe a fifteen minutes and then Fido might just be too tired from all the excitement and exercise.

Here's My second suggestion:
Fido loves to chew, obviously. You can try getting some hard to chew and still fun toys. Kong is a great dog toy brand, even for tough dogs! You can stuff peanut butter... dog treats... and Kong even makes their own filling for the toys. I've also seen puzzles that involve treats that the dogs have to get out.

Maybe you can also try leaving the TV on or music on. When we bring our beagle, Buddy to hotels, sometimes we leave the TV on for him so he may not feel so lonely and howl.

If you try putting Kong toys in his crate, don't put too much peanut butter, as it can make them sick if given too much. (Don't worry, a little won't hurt them. A lot will just make them a little sick.)
I'd also suggest you look at books for training dogs- Petco has books, and of course the book stores and the library will probably have some. s
I'd love to see a picture of Fido!
I hope this helps! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Need a quick temporary solution

Hi AshleyP


Congratulations on the new addition and welcome to the community! Big thanks to beaglepug02 for the great advice! You may also want to check out these articles and blogs which may be helpful: how to crate train your dog, getting a new puppy? and indoor to outdoor potty training tips for puppies. Also, Petco stores offer a Pet Parent Starter Guide which includes an animal specific savings booklet, new pet parent checklists and a free welcome to the family tote. For more information click hereI'd also love to see a pic of your new puppy!


Good luck, Alex 


Re: Need a quick temporary solution

You're very welcome! Hope it's helps. Hopefully you can find a solution, AshleyP!!

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