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My dog keeps sneaking and eating my cat's food instead of her dog food. Suggestions?

I have a 5 year old Rottweiler mix and a 17 year old cat. The cats bowls are in the master bedroom and the dogs bowls are in the living room. The master bedroom is off limits for my dog and my dog knows this. When everyone is gone for any period of time, she sneaks into the master bedroom, eats all the cat food, and acts super guilty when we walk in the house. I do not know how to correct her behavior. Water bottle spraying does nothing. Calling her a bad dog does nothing. Showing her the empty bowl and telling her no does nothing.

I can't just shut my bedroom door because my cat needs access to leave the bedroom and go to the litter box in the garage. I can't have the litter box in my bedroom. It's a deal breaker. I can't put the food up high because my cat has arthritis and cannot jump. I can't feed him on a schedule because he will drive me absolutely bonkers with his demanding meows if he can so much as see an empty spot in his bowl. He can't wear a collar (he just rolls over on his side and waits for death, presumably), so the special feeder that unlocks to a specific pet won't work.

As for my dog, I can't give her a crate. It gives her more behavior issues. For example, she doesn't want to come out. She bites if you try to put your hand inside the crate making it impossible to clean the crate, and other behavior issues she had with her previous owners. I'm not bringing her crate back into the house. I don't want to make her an outdoor dog. I can't put her in the garage because she likes to get into the cat litter box. I don't feel comfortable putting a muzzle on my dog for long periods of time especially if no one is at home during those times. Baby gates are a no go as I'm disabled and it's really more trouble than it's worth.

I'm out of ideas.
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Re: My dog keeps sneaking and eating my cat's food instead of her dog food. Suggestions?

Hi, Duck Duck Goose. Welcome to the Petco Community and thank you for posting your question. You can check out another post where someone had similar concerns about their dog eating cat food. Let us know if you have any further questions! Good luck! 

-Tiffany W.

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Re: My dog keeps sneaking and eating my cat's food instead of her dog food. Suggestions?

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Your dog acts super guilty!? Lmao...I nearly spit my drink out when I read thatSmiley Very Happy Well my dog likes to eat the cat poop out of the litter box...yuck...I asked my vet about it and she said she had never met a dog that didn't like to eat cat poop...made me feel a little better...as for your issue. ...idk...sounds like your in a pickle.
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