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Meowing while using the litter box

I recently got a kitten and she is about 8 weeks old. She is good about using the litter box. The only concern I have is that she meows very loud and long when she is in her litter box going to the bathroom. Should I be concered? Or is it normal?

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Re: Meowing while using the litter box

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Hi,  sarah5004. Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the Petco Community.  I recommend bringing your kitty into the vet for a check-up as right away, as the meowing could be a sign of a more serious issue. If you don't have a vet, you can call your local Petco to see if they offer veterinary services or have advice on local resources, you can find the number to call the store nearest you here: http://goo.gl/Von7ic.  You may want to check out our tips on litter training kittens. Try one change at a time and see if this stops your kitten's behavior. You may want to also try taking the lid off if you have a closed litter box. Please let us know if this helps. Thank you.

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Re: Meowing while using the litter box

I'd be concerned! Your kitten might have a urinary tract infection or some other medical problem. I don't know if a kitten this young can suffer from kidney (or urinary) stones, but it does sound like your kitten may be experiencing pain while using the litter box.

I'd schedule a veterinary appointment ASAP !

Re: Meowing while using the litter box

Get your kitten into the vet ASAP. Are you giving him/her to much food during the day? If so you could be causing some blockage. Hope he/she gets to feeling better soon.


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Re: Meowing while using the litter box

My 10 month old kitten has done that to, but he does it while he's pawing around in the litter. Now, he's taken to standing up while he poos. Now, that is really funny!
After your vet checks your kitten and if she has a clean bill of health then maybe she's just weird like my little guy. I hope this is the case and it's not something more serious.
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Re: Meowing while using the litter box

Not normal. Please go see a vet. She may be constipated or have a UTI.
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