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We adopted a 5 month old Abyssinian kitten 2 months ago.  She jumps on everything in the house.  She can jump to the top of a five foot dresser and not touch anything.  I can't use water to spray her as everything is antique and don't want water spots on the furniture.  She is constantly jumping from a sitting start getting to the tinest (1") shelf.  We found that the Abyssinian breed are jumpers.  Does anyone have an idea how to stop her?  Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Jumping

Hi, WeAreBlessed3. Thank you for your question and welcome to the community. Yes, Abyssinian, are very active and playful cats.  You may want to get some toys to get her a cat tree and some toys to keep her busy.  You can find some games and puzzles that will keep her busy on our website.  Good luck! 

- Tiffany 

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Re: Jumping

Exercise, Scat Mats, positive reinforcement, redirecting, toys.
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