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Dog poops in his crate

Lucky is about 6 months old now. He's fully potty trained. Yet when i have to leave him at home, i will take him outside to pee/poop at least 30 mins BFORE  i put him in his crate. Then i add a few toys/water, his blanket and a puppy pad.
When i come home (about an hour later) he has pooped/pee'd and has chewed up the puppy pad! I even put Bitter Spray all over the puppy pad!
When i take him outside he will pee/and or poop. Last night i had to put him in my bathoom (he lays in there all the time) as he has his cone on (he was neutered last Fri) I put the pad, toys, water in there, he pooped all over the floor, it was even on the walls......ugh!!
I do feel as if he is "testing" me! He can "hold" his pee/poop all night, he will whine to let us know he has to go outside. I think he's "mad" when i have to leave him, so he pee's/poops as a "payback" for leaving him. Ideas? Suggestions?
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RE: Dog poops in his crate

Feed him as early as possible, and walk him longer (for at least 20 minutes) before you put him in the crate, some dogs especially small breeds go twice before they fully eliminate, I call it the installment plan!
Six months is still a puppy and he had major surgery (neuter) a week ago, so his system may still be out of whack.  He may not need the cone anymore, it might be making him anxious.
  He is not being spiteful.  Puppies are like babies, they do not like being left alone.  Leave a radio on, can someone look in on him every 4 hours.   The ideal situation is that the dog has had nothing to eat for at least 2 hours prior to being crated and is offered a bathroom break immediately before going in the crate and then every 4 hours.  When you are home take him out every 2 hours for a walk if you can.
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RE: Dog poops in his crate

Thanks doglady,
I'm home all day with both my dogs as i'm medically retired. I think we have found a solution, i put Lucky in my room with my smaller dog (this dog is a Yorkie and she  stays on my bed) I take the puppy stairs down so Lucky can't get up on my bed with the other dog. Shut the door.
We have done this 3 different times and so far he has not pooped all over. I also have puppy pads on the ground in case he has to go.
Thanks again,
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RE: Dog poops in his crate

Glad things are working out, we forget how much work puppies are!   I'm so glad I got my last one (she's almost 4 now), but when I first got her I almost gave her away after a few days, my other dog wanted to kill her, I was so overwhelmed!  Now they're best buddies.
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Re: RE: Dog poops in his crate

Well Lucky has done it now,


I had crated him when i had to leave the house, then came home and cleaned out the crate (yep he pooped inside) then left it outside to dry.


I made the "bad" decision to not crate him again, just to leave him in my room with the door shut. Big mistake! Lucky tore a big chunk out of my carpet! He was staring at me with rug pieces in his mouth!!!!


I rent a house from my dad so........not sure what he's going to say about this one. Maybe i will finally get the hardwood floors i've been wanting Woman LOL OR he will tell me Lucky has to go Woman Frustrated


My fault i should have crated him again. Lesson learned.



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Re: RE: Dog poops in his crate

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Oh no!    Maybe you could call one of those El Cheapo Carpet places (free estimate?) they can tear out the old and install new stuff with short notice,  sometimes they can doctor up one spot...but I found it's almost more cost effective to just replace the whole thing as they can never match it right.

Dogs don't like being behind a closed door, something like a bathroom (tile floor) or mud room  (small room) with a doggie gate might be better.   Although, maybe you better stick with the crate for now.

Sounds like he's got a little separation anxiety going on,  if it continues or gets worse talk to your vet, there are medication options...but he's still a pup he could out grow it.


PS:  Can you put a small area rug over the damage for now, so your father won't see it.   It's not as bad as it seems, carpeting is an easy fix (I hope!)

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Re: RE: Dog poops in his crate

I was thinking...maybe a Thundershirt would help him stay calm when you have to leave him alone.

Petco carries them.     http://www.thundershirt.com/?gclid=CIPXkJ7vqLMCFcqY4Aod0kYA5w

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