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Crying in crate!! Help!!

Hello everyone! I have a cockapoo that is 18 weeks. I am needing help with him being in his crate. While I am gone to work I leave him in his crate so he doesn't distroy everything I own. He cries all day while I am gone, and this is becoming a issue because I live in a apartment and have neighbors. Do you guys have any tips or ideas on how to get him to stop crying? Also another little problem he likes to bite when he plays and seems to be the only way he wants to play. Even when he has many toys to play with. Can anyone help?
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Re: Crying in crate!! Help!!

Hi mandac11,

Thank you for sharing and welcome to the community! We've have a blog get you started: how to select the right crate. Additionally, the tribal knowledge base article: how to crate train your dog, outlines 5 steps that will help your dog to become more comfortable with spending time in their crate. By introducing the crate as a pleasant place to be, it will reinforce a positive association with the crate and help your dog feel more at ease. 

I hope this helps, I'd love to see a photo of your cockapoo!


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Re: Crying in crate!! Help!!

Hi. My wife and I foster for a few rescues here in North Carloina and crate training can be very termatic for new puppys. If you wish you can email me and I will send you our puppy packet that has a lot of good information in it along with crate training. You may want to go to your local Goodwill and purchase some flees blackets which we use to cover the crate at night and while we are gone. Also you can spray the inside of the blankets with either calming spray (used on thunder coats for dogs) or lavender. You may also leave on a radio or TV during the day. As for the biteing the puppy is teething and believe it or not frozen carrots (small ones, use only full size one the baby carrots are bleached so cut up the big carrot and freeze them and let the puppy chew on them but only a couple a day). My email is michael_109@hotmail.com.

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Re: Crying in crate!! Help!!

You have to associate the crate with something positive. Start feeding him in there and get really good treats (not the usual ones you give him) like raw bones, cheeses, meats, etc and only give them to him while he's in the crate. Raw bones are probably best and really good for dogs teeth and have all kinds of nutrients. You can also put a t-shirt or something you slept in the night before with him in the crate and your scent might calm him down as well. I have also heard lavender oil works wonders but it has to be authentic like from doterra (no I'm not a salesperson lol).
As for the biting as soon as he starts you get up and walk away to show that kind of behavior will not be rewarded. The raw bones will also help with that.
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Re: Crying in crate!! Help!!

This sounds like good advice. My husband and I recently adopted a 4 month old puppy a week ago. We have been working on crate training. He seems to have stopped peeing pooping in there now but when we leave him he cries and howls a lot. I must try the lavender spray and is it good to put a blanket over it during the day? Also the frozen carrots sounds like a good idea, he is definitely teething and try's to chew on our hands and arms.
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