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Chinese Water Dragon

I drove to Olympia WA on Friday 6/23/17 and was very excited to see that you finally had a couple of these beautiful lizards in, I bought one Smiley Happy however your company may want to train the employees the care and handling of them as well as Bearded Dragons because the girl that helped us grabbed the one we bought and as she was laughing laid it on its back saying "you want to see something cool lol this puts them to sleep" to which I asked her "is that ok to do? Because that will kill Bearded Dragons" and she responded with "Oh yes this doesn't hurt them at all" well when I got home I investigated this and found out within seconds in capital bold letters DO NOT PUT THEM ON THEIR BACK BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO DIAPHRAGM AND IT WILL KILL THEM.
Please let your stores know to investigate the proper care for them because this is not ok. If I didn't have experience with Bearded Dragons, i would have thought this was ok. I don't know what the girls name was but the 2 that helped me were dimwits, please hire somebody that knows what they are doing Smiley Happy thank you for your time
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Re: Chinese Water Dragon

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Hi John68. 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, animal care Petco's our top priority and we take all concerns very seriously. We've gone ahead and sent your feedback to our team to look into right away. If you'd to be followed up with on this, please send your phone number to ptpsupport@petco.com and we'll have the store leader reach out with an update.



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