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Cats not actually fighting, but one won't come out from under the bed

I adopted a cat in April 2016. In July, my daughter moved in with her two cats. We separated them and introduced them slowly. For one month after meeting, my cat was a bully and kept the other cats trapped in my daughter's room. She would sit at the door to make sure they didn't come out. After a month, the tables have turned, and my cat still won't come out from under my bed most of the time, and the other two bully her. They don't actually hurt each other in any way, but they make horrible screaming noises, and my cat won't leave my room, and only comes out from under the bed if my door is closed. The other cats always wait right outside my door. We are going into month 4 of this... Any suggestions?
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Re: Cats not actually fighting, but one won't come out from under the bed

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Hi Suethomas.


Thank you for sharing your question, welcome to the community! I am a cat parent myself and have experienced a similar situation. There is no easy answer or fix to this situation. I spoke with one of Petco's animal care specialist and they recommended consulting a behaviorist.


For the time being I would keep the cats separated, they will feel more comfortable if they have their own space, litter box and food dishes. Try to do short periods of allowing them all to be together, like starting with 5-10 minutes and trying to build from there. Feeding them or doing something positive while they are in the same room can help.


Additionally, here's an article with tips for making your new cats feel at home. Cats are routine-oriented individuals, so when a cat is already facing the changes that come from being transported to a new home, it's important to provide as much stability as possible in the other areas of their life to minimize stress. I hope this helps, please come back and share an update with us!


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