how much are hamsters

how much are the hamsters  at petco they dont have the cost on there website ...plz help!!!
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RE: how much are hamsters

Hamsters are priced normally from $9.99 to $19.99. Right now they are on sale for 10% off, so from $8.99- $17.99.

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RE: how much are hamsters

Im not sure, But i THINK i got mine for like..... 6-12$ ?
But with all of the other things like cages and stuff, it was all together like.. 70$ ?
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RE: how much are hamsters

I pretty sure that if they are not on sale, they are about $15. I know, really cheap! You should get one! Insert theecstaticemoticon.
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RE: how much are hamsters

I got my Teddy Bear for $10.00.Usually
Robo's and Dwarf's cost around 15.00 but I totaly perfer my cute well behaved teddy for $10.00 over my sisters hamster who's a $15.00 Robo that pees in your hamd and bites.I have never had or known somebody who had a Dwarf. Hope this helped Y'all Smiley Happy
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RE: how much are hamsters

they are all diferent but i would recommend a robo they are so cute
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