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guinea pig neutering

We recently adopted two guinea pigs from petco. Although we specifically asked for two females, one of the pigs they showed us was actually a male. We didn't notice at the time, but when we got home and checked it was very obvious that he was a male. There is no way that it was a mistake. I think petco lied about his sex because male guinea pigs are less desirable to adopt. However, the two pigs (male and female) seem to really like each other but we can't let them be togeether because we don't want any babies. We would be absolutely heartbroken to return either one of them. Since petco lied aboout the sex of one of them, would it be reasonable to ask them to pay for him to be neutered?

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Re: guinea pig neutering

Hi annaandherpigs. Please email us at PTPsupport@petco.com with your contact information and store location and we'll see what we can do. Thank you!

Re: guinea pig neutering

Hello annaandherpigs,

       Is it possible that you could put a divider in there cage? And then when it is time for play watch them very closely. I am sure Petco made a mistake, I am so sorry that it had to happen to you thought.Smiley Sad

Maybe if there is a accident you can give the babies back to Petco.Smiley Very Happy Hope I helped out.


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Re: guinea pig neutering

If the two were together for even a few hours the female already could be pregnant. Keep a close eye on her and watch for any signs of early pregnancy such as drinking excessively, eating more, obvious weight gain ( will begin to look eggplant shaped)

Since they are sold at a young age a pregnant female can have complications. 

As far as the male, I know from experience that neutering is very risky and can end in losing your precious boy. Also the surgery cannot be done until a certain age, I'm pretty sure its 6 months. So they would still have to be separate until he is the safe age.

A Midwest cage with separation grid is a very good solution or build a c&c with same idea.

Best of luck in whatever you chose to do!!!!!

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