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Tell me about your tarantula!

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Let's get to know each others tarantulas! Share pics, tell us their name, age, personality, favorite food, etc.

This is my baby, Ana!





I got her when she was full grown, and I've had her for five years! She's super chill, and a bit of a fraidy cat (unless she's super hungry, she'll run away from her food!).

Her favorite food is superworms, she loves to dig them up!

She's a female Chilean Rose Hair.


Re: Tell me about your tarantula!

Awww, So CUTE!!!!!!!
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Re: Tell me about your tarantula!

Hi stressedwitch.


Thank you for this great post and welcome to the community! I personally don't have a tarantula but I think it's fascinating to read about so thank you for sharing about Ana, she's beautiful! A scary-cat tarantula, I've never heard of such a thing! I look forward to meeting other tarantulas in this thread.


Alex Cat Wink


Re: Tell me about your tarantula!

Awww she is so lovely.Heart Thank you for sharing, I too, am looking forward to seeing other members tarantulas.Smiley Happy


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