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Scared for my new guinea pig...

I got two male guinea pigs today (3/12/17) and I'm worried about one. One of them is active and eats and chews toys and such, but the others stay in one corner and has only eaten a little bit. I know, he might just be a little anxious, but he didn't move in the Petco either. He was just curled up in the food bowl the whole time. Now he's just huddled in the corner. He doesn't even run when I try to pick him up, unlike the other. Also, his breathing looks heavy, and when I picked him up, I heard little, soft clicking like noises coming from his nose. I'm really scared and don't know what to do. Please help!


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Re: Scared for my new guinea pig...

Take him to the vet! This could be serious. I have tree female guinea pigs. We had one  before them and she died with those symptoms.

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Re: Scared for my new guinea pig...

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Hi mychalupa. Welcome to the community. I agree with petloverz that it would be a very good idea to consult your Veterinarian if you are concerned. If you purchased them at Petco, you should also call your local store for assistance: stores.petco.com. We hope he feels better soon, let us know how it turns out. 


Re: Scared for my new guinea pig...

Call your vet right away! Do not wait-there is no harm in calling and describing the syptoms. That way they can instruct you on what to do or if you should take him in. Though Petco is great, it is unlikely they will have a small animal specialist on veterinary care on hand-and you will probably get a better diagnosis from a small animal vet. Good luck and hope he gets better soonSmiley Happy

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Re: Scared for my new guinea pig...

He is probably sick you should take him to the vet plus it's not good to get two males they should have told you that
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