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New to Rabbits, what is recommended?

Hi, I've had Guinea pigs, cats, dogs, hamsters, hermit crabs, birds of all kinds, turtles, frogs and fish, but never a rabbit, and I'm looking to get one, but I'm not sure what types of equipment to purchase.

I've had my eye on a furry black/brown rabbit for a few days now and decided I'm going to adopt him.  Problem is- I'm  not sure what cage/hutch/habitat, feed, bedding, and other items to buy. I've been thinking about putting him outside on my screened-in porch.

I was wondering if there was a specific set of items I should purchase, and I've heard about hay for rabbits to chew on, whilst also buying them a steady brand of pellet food. I just wanted to know what you all recommended, and was hoping for some feedback. I want this rabbit to have the best possible enviornment when he comes to live with me, and thought you- fellow pet-lovers- would be able to help!




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Re: New to Rabbits, what is recommended?

Hi Silverhaunter and welcome to our community!

We actually have a knowledge base that can surely help you-- Rabbit Habitat tips: and Rabbit Care Sheet: 

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Re: New to Rabbits, what is recommended?

Thank you! I wasn't aware that existed! Thank you so much!

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Re: New to Rabbits, what is recommended?

Hi Silverhaunter,

I'm so glad you are looking into adopting a bunny!

Definitely consult your vet once you get your new pet. Most likely they will provide several options on what to feed your rabbit. You can choose to put them on an all hay diet, hay/leafy greens, or hay/leafy greens/pellets. They will recommend food options if they see your bunny is in need of additional nutrition.

For pellets, definitely look into the kind that are pellets only...some brands have pellets that have dried fruit & seeds/nuts, so avoid those. A quarter cup daily per 5 lbs of rabbit is usually good enough. You can also supplement your rabbit's pellets with a cup of dark leafy greens 2x a day (I usually get those salad mixes for my little guy, makes food prep easier), but try to stay away from any light colored greens that are called 'lettuce or cabbage'.

For hay, depending on your rabbit's preference, they may like orchard grass or timothy hay...orchard is a little on the sweeter side, timothy more savory...but you can rotate them out or mix them together. Alfafa hay is more for baby or senior rabbits. The amount of hay they should be eating daily is the size of the rabbit's body...but any more is perfectly fine. Chewing hay keeps the digestive track moving and it also helps keep overgrown teeth at bay.

Bedding is mostly used in a habitat or a litterbox, but definitely use paper bedding. Depending on how you house your rabbit, if you keep a litterbox, you can clean it out every few days and it's easier to clean versus an entire habitat.

Hope that gives you some ideas...good luck on your new pet!
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Re: New to Rabbits, what is recommended?

Hi there! a large dog crate, (for a great dane) would be a good size cage, or you can build a c&c cage. I tried, it never worked. Look on craigslist! i got my great dane size crate for 30 dollars instead of 75. The bedding i use is fleece from dollar tree, also if you didn't know you can litter train rabbits! Food and hay, Buy from walmart, i use it and it works fine. And make sure to give him your toilet paper tubes and clip his nails!
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Re: New to Rabbits, what is recommended?

Please don't buy a commercial pet cage from like a petco or pet smart (love you petco!) because those are too small! Do some research on the best cages ( and those won't be at a petstore) hope this helps!
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