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My Hamster Died Today

I got my Hamster Shiro last week (02/26/2017) and took her home. Everything was good until yesterday when I got home and went into the videos recorded on my motion camera. I was surprised to see the folder empty, at first I thought it might've been an error and the motion didn't activate but when I checked at Shiro she was inside her hideout trembling. I got Shiro out and gave her food and help her drink water but she barely eat. I got worried and decided to take her to the veterinarian today after work but when I came home she was dead in her hideout.

I do not know what to do, Shiro was not my pet she was my little friend and now she is gone. I do not understand what could happen to her. I was going to expand her cage and get her a friend to play this weekend but now she is gone and I do not know what to do anymore. Took me some time to register and post into the community but please leave your comment, it will help me out to read your responses

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Re: My Hamster Died Today

I'm so sorry for you,I had a hamster named Hammy I loved him he was my little friend he traveled with us,I bought him in Pittsburgh,I live in Cleveland he's no longer with us but I had him for 5yrs,I really just wanted to say sorry for your loss
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Re: My Hamster Died Today

Hi JohnM3


I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you posting and welcome to the community. Did you purchase Shiro from a Petco store? If so can you please email these details along with your phone number and the store location to ptpsupport@petco.com so we can look into this further?


Thank you, Alex


Re: My Hamster Died Today

I am so sorry about your hamster Smiley Sad I had a hamster that died about 2 weeks ago. I am sure that she loved living with you for the short amount of time you had with her, she sounds very sweet (I love her name).

Re: My Hamster Died Today

i am so sorry you have had this tragic loss. You seem to have cared a great deal about your pet, monitoring her remotely and all. Please try again. Perhaps she caught an infection and the trembling was from fever. Be sure to sterilize everything or replace it before getting another animal, just in case.
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Re: My Hamster Died Today

I'm so sorry! I had a guinea pig that died we waited a month and got two more than another one. It really helps. Your not replacing them your just getting another furry friend to help you with you loss.

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