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If there are pets in heaven, my bunny is surely there.  She is in a field of wild flowers doing bunny binkies and sniffing the spring air.


Bunny Rabbit, my dear pet for the last 6 years, grew weak from cancer and we had to euthanize her February 22.  She was diagnosed last September but recovered with steroids for several months during which time she played in cardboard boxes, ate her greens with relish, and even managed an occasional leap for joy like she did the day I first saw her and rescued her from an empy lot where someone had abandoned her.  She lived literally at the center of our household, in the kitchen in a large, homemade hutch with wire on all sides so she could oversee all our activities.  She frequently roamed the kitchen and loved to play in cardboard boxes covered with a table cloth, eat lettuce, carrots and other goodies from a "Rollin' the Hay" ball, and insist on getting petted over and over.


I habitually glance to her hutch every time I enter the kitchen, every time I make a loud noise, every time I reach for broccoli or celantro or bell pepper in the fridg.  I have discovered I glanced to see how she was doing dozens of times a day.  I will miss her soft fur.  I will never forget the little "umpf, umpf" sound she made whe she especially enjoyed the petting.  She made that sound when my son, her favorite person, petted her for the last time as she lay, sleepy from medication at the vets office.  His last words to her were the same he said to her every time he closed her into her hutch at the end of her play time:  "Go to bed, Bunny."


May God keep you and grant you sweet sleep until we meet you there.


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Hi, Luv_a_Bunny. Please accept our condolences. We are so sorry to hear about Bunny. Thanks for sharing at such a sensitive time.  Sending hugs your way! 💕


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I am so sorry for your family's loss. I just Went through the same thing a week ago like sing my 10 year old golden retriever. I know how hard/sad it is. If you are a believer, you will love to hear what Psalm 36:6 says. I had read it before, but the words just came off the page for me since. God preserves both man and animals! I hope you read it and are comforted as I have been. I like to think they will be in heaven when we get there.
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So sorry for your lossHeart



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Thank you for your words of comfort.


Many years ago, when my first cat died, I asked God about the importance of my pet.  He showed me a picture of a mother holding a doll, smiling wistfully at the doll.  The meaning of the vision is that the mother valued the doll because her child loved the doll, and our pets are special animals to God because His children love them.


About ten years later, another cat I loved was missing for two weeks.  I discovered this was worse than his death would have been because as long as I did not know what happened to him, I imagined one death or dire circumstance after another.  Before I found him alive, again I asked God:  Is it right that I grieve so much for an animal?  After all, humans are so much more important to You, right? 


God answered with the story of David (a Type of Christ in the old testiment) and what he said to the prophet who told him the story of a rich man who needed a quick dinner for his guests.  The rich man stole and slaughtered his poor neighbor's only little ewe lamb that was treated like a daughter and ate from the poor man's table.  King David, formerly a shepard who raised and presumably ate sheep, was enraged at the rich man's behavior.  He stated that the offender deserved to die!  He ordered that the rich man must give five sheep to the poor man, as the law proscribed.  Of course, the story was really about David and his behavior with another man's wife as he quickly found out.  But the interesting fact is, David strongly identified with the pet owner and clearly saw a cherished pet as very different from just any sheep. 


There are many verses where God tells us to care for our animals.  "A righteous man cares for the life of his beast."  But this story of David the shepard, outraged by someone dismissing the special relationship of a man and his pet, gives me the most comfort in knowing God not only understands but approves of the great love I have for my pets.


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