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Hamsters and sleep

I just have a quick question. The past three days my hamster has been waking up at 8 am and wants to be in her ball like its about 11 now and she is still in her ball. Today is my day off so it doesn't bother me but the past two days she wakes up and chews at the cage that's when I know she wants out in the ball. I dont know why she is doing this like no clue whatsoever. Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Hamsters and sleep

Thanks for your question, Jackie! I see that this is your first post -- welcome to the community! Hope you've had some time to take a peek around.

Has your hamster been exhibiting other odd behaviors like missing meals or acting super lethargic? I'll go ahead and check with our animal expert about your hamster. Stay tuned!


Re: Hamsters and sleep

Hey again Jackie! Do you happen to have an exercise wheel, maze of tubes in the habitat or any other way for her hamster to get exercise? If not, this would be a great start for your hamster. This way, your hamster has a way of expending extra energy, rather than chewing the cage.
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