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HELP my hamster!

We bought a robo hamster about 8 months ago and he has always been really fast and hard to touch...good eater and runs his wheel all night long.  In the last few days his behavior has changed entirely!  He looks as if he is struggling to breathe...its awful to watch.  He also has always burrowed in and slept out of sight or in his house but this last weeke since the breathing problems started he is falling asleep in random places...like he just gets tired and cant stay awake.  He is still eating but less and I hear the wheel at night but it stops a lot and he is like sleeping right there on the wheel.  This morning the fur on his back looked super dark (he is white)...very odd?  Whats wrong with him?  He belongs to my daughter and I am trying to prepare her if its bad news so she is not devastated.

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Re: HELP my hamster!

Hi,  mamalito.  We're sorry to hear about your pet. We would recommend reaching out to your local vet. You may also want to try our new "Ask a Vet" feature on the Petco Community here: https://community.petco.com/. A link will appear on the right-hand side of the screen where you can input your question. We wish your hamster all the best!


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