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Boy or Girl Rabbits?

My family is looking to get rabbits this weekend, two, and I've had people yelling at me from both sides for boys and girls. Boys are cheaper to fix, but I've been told they get much more aggressive if not altered in time. Girls spray and can also get aggressive, but I hear less often. Female bunnies are also 25$ more expensive at the local vet, though I suppose that's not a lot... I've looked all over online and, having never owned rabbits before, I'd prefer an experts opinion. All the people I know with rabbits have only ever owned one gender. I've also read that it matters more on the buns individual personality, but I'm skeptical about info on the internet and I would really appreciate some expert advice. I'm truly tied on which gender we should get.

Is anyone an experienced rabbit owner who can tell me which gender is better unaltered? Or if it depends on the individual? I'll be getting either gender fixed after christmas (they'll be 8 to 9 weeks old at purchase) but I want to know if they get aggressive at maturity, and if males stay aggressive even after being neutered if I wait too long after maturity, because I'm afraid of that too. And before you say adopt because they're already altered, our local shelter doesn't adopt out to renters.
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RE: Boy or Girl Rabbits?

I've had my girl for 6 years now. I brought her home from the Humane Society when she was 4 months old. She was already spayed. When she hit puberty I honestly wanted to take her back. She was very moody and didn't want to be bothered with. Once the hormones settled, she became the best pet I've ever had. This is my first rabbit and certainly won't be my last. She calmed down nicely and loves to be pet and cuddled. I even take her to the local Easter Egg Hunt to provide some rabbit education.
Over the summer I bunny sat a young, unaltered Lion Head male. He was crazy. The little guy was very hyper and wasn't keen on being handled. He sprayed everything in sight...including my rabbit. He tried to breed with her and anything that moved. He has been fixed since then. He still is energetic which could be because he is young and hasn't hit puberty yet. I'm told he still bounces off walls and one day was found on top of the kitchen table.
I've learned a lot from my local House Rabbit Society group. I volunteer with them once a week cleaning out cages. They have some very sweet males and females there. You can find a branch near you on the national web site. Feel free to contact the folks at the St. Louis branch. Joy is very knowledgeable. She doesn't sugar coat things because she wants to make sure everyone knows exactly what owning a rabbit involves.
I love my girl. I wouldn't trade her for anything. She can be a snot, but I love that about her. Each bunny has its own personality...and there is a ton of personality in each one.
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RE: Boy or Girl Rabbits?

Thank you, I went ahead and E-mailed Joy. Smiley Happy

RE: Boy or Girl Rabbits?

If you plan to keep the 2 rabbits together then I'd recommend getting a boy and a girl.  I think they are easier to bond that way.  I've had close to 30 rabbits over the last 25+ years.  In my experience, when I've had just one rabbit living alone my boys tended to be more friendly and bonded with me easier.  When I have attempted to bond pairs I have always bonded a male with a female and always had success (I've had 3 bonded pairs).  When my mom attempted to bond a pair of females it was not successful.  However, the bunny rescue group I've worked with here in Nashville has bonded same sex pairs and mixed sex groups of 3 or more rabbits.  The lady who runs the rescue says any 2 rabbits can be bonded but some pairs take longer to bond than others, some pairs can take months to bond.  Each of my pairs took 3 days or less to bond.

Definitely contact your local rescue or HRS because they can give you all sorts of tips and important information for keeping happy and healthy bunnies!
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