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new baby bearded dragon

hey i got a question wht should i do if my beardie wont eat and hes sleeping and wont wake up im alil scared 


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Re: new baby bearded dragon

ok thanks now he is eating and drinking basking and do they sleep at night mostly or during the day?
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Re: new baby bearded dragon

Hi, batgirl20. Welcome to the Petco Community.  We're sorry to hear your beardie isn't doing well. From what you describe it would be best to get your bearded dragon looked at by your local veterinarian.  For a vet that specializes in reptile and amphibian care you can visit the website for the association of reptile and amphibian vets and use the 'find a vet' function: .  Also, since you mentioned your bearded dragon was new, you may also want to review our care sheet on bearded dragons. Please keep us updated.



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Re: new baby bearded dragon

ok thanks now he is eating and drinking basking and do they sleep at night mostly or during the day?
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Re: new baby bearded dragon

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I have raised one bearded dragon and am raising another one right now. This oldest one was bought from Petsmart and the baby was bought from Petco.


If you have extra money check them out at the vet for pinworms, coccidia, and parasites. If not do not despair. Good care can go far, vet trips are nice but you can maybe do fairly well on your own if it should be cost prohibitive. One of mine needed fortaz and they both received regimens of deworm and deparasite medication.


Make sure you have a uvb bulb and fixture positioned over 6 inches away from where they can get to it, the tube light is better. Reptisun 10.0. Place this uvb inside the cage with nothing over the tube light, no plastic or glass, nothing. Also get a basking bulb and a fixture with a roll damper and a digital timer to plug it into and set it for ten hours of light per day. Make their day time temps 85 on one side of the cage or close to it and 100 to 105 at their basking spot. Night time temps can be 72 to 80 that is fine. Get a Ceramic heat emitter and another fixture with a roll damper in the cord and set it right. You will need a heat temp laser gun to know what temperatures on the surfaces in the cage are and those temperatures will be different from the day to the night. They need a hide to go to sleep in...they like one anyway.


For flooring use cheap carpet or tile or linoleum. Just carpet or linoleum with scissors. Often you can get almost free flooring or free flooring at the end of the day at the home improvement stores if you ask. Remove poops when they happen with tissue and then wet tissue and then dry tissue again, and every now and then take everything out and wipe everything down with vinegar and water and then replace it all back into the cage.


Bathe your beardie if it looks dry. Use spring water or tap water if that is all you have. Keep a little water in a dish available and drip water into it and on their snout until they learn where their water dish is. It will only take a half to one week for them to learn.


For food for baby beardies the easiest thing to do if you have the money is to just order Phoenix worms from the internet. Feed them all they want and all you can afford of those and don't worry about veggies until they are older. You can offer them veggies but don't worry if they don't eat them. Dust the worms or crickets or whatever you choose with reptical or herpetivite. 


For salad, when they get more towards three months old, as when they are babies they mainly bulk up on bugs, mine like: dandelion greens, collard greens, turnip greens, kale, celery leaves, zucchini, fresh peas, green beans, snow peas, nectarines, plums, cantelope, honeydew, red and green grapes. Use google and YouTube and learn about approved foods and care for bearded dragons.


The most important money saving thing you can do though is to start a Dubia roach colony in an aquarium. One aquarium, a metal grate that fits, another ceramic heat emitter and yet another fixture with a roll damper in the cord, and set the temperature inside to eighty eight to ninety degrees. At Home Depot or Lowes get miracle gro water crystals for plants. At your cheapest grocery mart get fiber cereal, quick oats, sweetened rice cereal, optional flax seeds, optional chia seeds, and grind all of this up in a coffeegrinder or blender. This is your Dubia food. The water crystals you just put regular tap water or spring water in with them and that is your water. I actually just place water and food in the Dubia cage on dart cup lids to make sure the bin is kept cleaner. Feed the roaches cheap fruits and veggies but no apples with pesticides like from Walmart. Just wash and peel regular veggies but they prefer fruit. Fruit with peelings you can use regular fruit. Remove moldy or rotten fruit. Get a one to eight ratio of males to female Dubias. Now you have a food supply for your beardies. Use a large scale Dubia operation to supply your initial females and males, the small scale ones that are slightly cheaper will mess with you and give you bad stock. The large ones have so many and sell so much they don't hand pick you out bad ones.


Do not feed your bearded dragon prey larger than the space between their eyes. This is less important when you are feeding them soft Phoenix worms. Phoenix Worms are easy and appropriate baby lizard food that you can just leave in their cage for them. 


To sort Dubias get three buckets from a home improvement store and drill holes in one of them. Then put the bucket with holes drilled inside a bucket without holes drilled. The dubias sort themselves. For drill bit sizes one quarter inch is usually right for babies, three eights inch for larger babies, and one half inch for between half grown to three quarter grown beardies.


I hope this helps someone. Beardies are fun, beardies are expensive, beardies are exotic pets, and beardies are worth the work.


For an adult beardie they need salad every day offered to them but a salad with good things in it and perhaps not jumbled together but where they can choose what they want to eat. It must have not romaine or iceberg lettuce but nutritious greens like Dandelion Green and Collard greens. Dust the greens lightly with repcal or herpetivite when they are more towards adults and they are mainly eating greens with some bugs. Don't feed them the same thing all of the time try to offer variety.


Maybe find a way to safely get your beardie some sunshine without the beardie being harmed during the warmer months.


Take your beardie out in a safe place indoor also where they cannot get lost or stuck or run away and have play time also when you can.


Good luck. They love to sleep at night. They hate hate hate when I turn the lights on at night for any reason and I feel bad for them. I try to keep them off at night.

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