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Purchased Worms At Local Petco, Dead and Missing!

Hi, I don't know where exactly to put this or what to do about it, but I'm getting tired of this happening and this week was the last straw! I don't think this is the fault of the employees of my local Petco, as the worms come pre-packaged and they just put them in the fridge. So I'm contacting you directly for advice, refund, etc. as this has happened numerous times and I've said nothing, but this time was really bad!

I live in State College, PA and I frequent my local Petco as believe it or not it is the ONLY pet shop in State College. I actually love the staff there, very knowledgeable and owners themselves so that's awesome. I buy my bearded dragon live insects there and the crickets are always fine, but the pre-packaged worms are often dead or are short the number shown. I buy both meal worms and wax worms as treats for her, she lives them. But this week was just a waste of money.

I bought one container of large meal worms, 100 count, and one container of wax worms, 50 count. The wax worms cost $5.99 and the meal worms were $4.99, plus tax, so almost $12 I spent. I was stupid in not checking the wax worms, as I have had this happen before, but not like this. I swear every single wax worm in the container was dead and black. I couldn't find a single worm that was alive or yellow at all. She won't eat them that way, and I won't feed them to her anyway so that was a complete waste of $5.99. Then the meal worms. They are typically fine, my beardie just turned 5 months old and I started buying the more expensive large meal worms because she eats less of them obviously, and I always get the 100 count. Well, forgetting the 13 dead meal worms you're going to get, that happens, there were hardly ANY worms in the container, I paid $4.99 for sawdust!!! I emptied the container outside on a newspaper and there were exactly 14 dead, dried up meal worms, and only 17 live meal worms! And most of them were size small or mini, not large! How do you pay for 100 large meal worms and only get 17 live ones and 31 total? Not even half?

So I spent almost $12 on 50 (maybe, I didn't count them) all dead, black wax worms and 31 meal worms out of the 100 I paid for, 14 of which were dead. That's just unacceptable. I know that you're going to get some dead worms in every container and maybe the counts won't be exact, but to only put 31 meal worms in a 100 count container is just messed up, I can't sit there inside of Petco and dump out a container of meal worms to count them! And seriously, every single wax worm out of 50 being dead and completely black and just having to pitch them is just ridiculous. They were in the fridge, which seemed like the correct temperature, and they were at the front, so I don't think they all died in the store or because of something they did, I'm pretty certain that they were dead when they got there.

I kept both containers with the bar codes printed on them, I don't know if you can help me or not, but it's very frustrating because there's no other pet store in all of State College, which seems ridiculous since Penn State is here, but never the less I'd have to drive 45 minutes to Lock Haven to buy insects at the next closest pet shop, which is a private store that's cheaper, but I should be able to go to the Petco that is 5 minutes from my house and not get ripped off.
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Re: Purchased Worms At Local Petco, Dead and Missing!

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Hi, EllenD. We apologize for your recent experience and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us. Would you please email us at PTPSupport@Petco.com, and include your phone number and a link to your posting? We would like to have someone from our team reach out to you regarding your experience. Thank you. 

-Tiffany W.

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Re: Purchased Worms At Local Petco, Dead and Missing!

There's a problem right now for some worms in some states that the soils are bad
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Re: Purchased Worms At Local Petco, Dead and Missing!

I understand that, as someone else told me the same thing, but that doesn't mean they can package up 50 dead wax worms and sell them as live ones, nor can they sell a package of 100 large mealworms that only contains 31.

Just an FYI to PETCO Corporate to follow up on this, I have no idea what you were planning on doing about it, I originally thought something was going to be done because I received an email pretty quickly after I posted originally to send back my name, phone number, and email address to you. So I immediately did that, it was sometime towards the end of last month. I then got another email from PETCO saying"Thanks, we received your phone number and email address and will have someone follow up with you". SINCE THAT SECOND E-MAIL I HAVEN'T HEARD A THING FROM YOU GUYS, NOT AN E-MAIL, NOT A PHONE CALL!!!

I'm even more upset now than I was to begin with, because I thought you guys were actually going to do something about this. I hope you realize that I only wrote this complaint after buying numerous bad containers of worms that I never said a word about over the past year or so. This purchase was just so ridiculous that I felt like you guys basically stole $12 from me, and that's why I posted a complaint to begin with. Then I was lead to believe you guys were going to do something about it because you did email me pretty directly and took my phone number. However, I don't know what your intentions were, to just talk to me about the problem or actually give me a coupon or something, but you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, so I guess that's how you handle customer complaints.

What's worse is yesterday I actually had to go back into my local Petco in State College (AS IVE ALREADY STATED I HAVE HAD Z ERP PROBLEMS OR COMPLAINTS WITH MY LOCAL PETCO STORE OR IT'S EMPLOYEES, THEY ARE POLITE, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALWAYS HELPED ME, AND THESE WORMS ARE PRE-PACKAGED SO THIS WAS NOT THEIR FAULT AT ALL!). I had to buy my Beardie some more wax worms and mealworms, they are treats for her (her staple feeder insects are crickets, which I order in bulk from an online source for half the cost of buying them in-store), I don't want to not give Iggy her treats just because of this issue. That being said, I felt like an idiot actually buying the same worms again, so I bought no mealworms like I usually do because I can't sit there in the store and count them. I only bought a single container of 50 wax worms, and I did however kneel down on the floor in front of the refrigerator, open the container, and again saw a container that had to be at least half completely black, dead wax worms. The refrigerator was nearly empty yesterday, luckily there were two or three other 50 count containers of wax worms in it, and the third one I opened and checked looked good, no dead worms at all that I could see. Like I said, I expect to get some dead insects in every container, no matter what type of insect or where I'm buying them from, but not 50 dead wax worms in a container of 50!!! So I did buy the wax worms, and I substituted a couple of frozen pinky mice instead of mealworms.

Again, I got an initial email response from PETCO, asking for my email and my phone number to be sent back in an email response, I did that, got confirmation that they received my phone number and email address and was told that someone would contact me. And that was the end of the contact from PETCO, they did nothing to help me at all, and obviously don't care at all about stealing money from customers. And I'll say this again because I feel it's important, this has nothing to do with my local Petco in State College, they have great employees that are friendly, very knowledgeable, and can't do a thing about pre-packaged insects that are sent to their store that way being dead or miscounted in the containers. So this is not an issue that is in any way the fault of local Petco stores, it's corporate Petco not giving a **bleep**.
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Re: Purchased Worms At Local Petco, Dead and Missing!

We apologize for the disconnect, Ellen. We had been informed that our team had called and left you a voice mail; we will reopen your case and have them reach out to you again. 

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