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Please advice baby leo not eating

About a month ago I got a baby lepord gecko..she has the proper cage set up (no sand), heat at the right temp, proper hides. She didn't eat for days then I hand fed her three crickets. Now she's back to not eating anything...I've tried mealworms, superworms, roaches, crickets..she drinks water fine, and eats the calci powder. She doesn't seem lethargic and has shed with no problems. It seems that at some point before I got her her tail was broke off because it looks like a regenerated one. The reason why I'm worried is she's really small and her tail is really skinny. I have another Leo that I bought from the same place and that one is doing just fine and has put on substantial weight since I got them. I dont think its parisites or they would both have it, wouldn't they? It doesn't seem like stress because she comes out and wants to be held and engage. What else can I do? I don't want her to starve to death..she doesn't look sick, or behave sick, just really really skinny.

I've been thinking of trying wax worms as a last resort, but that may be the only thing shell eat then? Also thought about a chicken, calci baby food slurry. I've been trying to weight it out to see if eventually shell eat, but at this point the skinny tail is worrying me.
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Re: Please advice baby leo not eating

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Hi Leo love


Thank you for your question, I'm sorry to hear that your leopard gecko isn't doing well. I recommend bringing her into a vet immediately for a check-up to make sure there's no serious underlying cause. If you don't have a vet, you can call your local Petco and see if they offer veterinary services or have advice on local resources that do. You can find the number to call the store nearest you here. You may also want to check out this care sheet on leopard geckos



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Re: Please advice baby leo not eating

I have two of them, and I never had that problem.... I am with my dads Chinese water dragon. Take it to a exotic pets vet and make sure it doesn't have any internal problems
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Re: Please advice baby leo not eating

I just got a baby albino leopard gecko about 3 weeks ago and he doesn't seem to eat much either. Everything seems fine otherwise. Unfortunately we don't have a lot for pet stores or exotic vets in my area, but I found dried flies thinking the meal worms were just too big for it. Maybe he just eats only at night while we are sleeping since they are nocturnal but it would only have to be about 1 every other day and maybe that is enough since he is so small. Did you find anything for this that it started eating?

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