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Jeweled curly tailed lizard

I got a jeweled curly tailed lizard 🦎 a couple of months ago. I named him Larry (I think I should have named it Larrese lol) and we adore shem. But I think my sweet little lizard wants a friend. Can anyone tell me if Larry is a boy or a girl. I am gonna order another jeweled curly tailed lizard Monday and I want to have a pair. I don’t want 2 males fighting. If anyone can tell what sex Larry is I would gratefully appreciate it. I’m trying to insert a pick below.
Thanks in advance for any info.
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Re: Jeweled curly tailed lizard

Hi Tkdmomyn and welcome to our community. We love to see Larry's photo but the link is not working on our end. You can also post a photo here. To get the specific gender of your lizard, we suggest visiting your local Petco.
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Re: Jeweled curly tailed lizard

Hi Marienzo thanks so much for the warm welcome. I live in a zoo as I have 2 dogs,1 cat, 1 parrot and 1 lizard. 😂 My store don’t know much about curly tailed lizards. But I’m pretty sure he is a she. There are details about each sex that say Larry is Larrese 🙂 I’m going to call tomorrow to see about ordering one. Thanks again for the warm welcome and info.
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