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HELP! Abandoned geckos

Recently I was approached by an acquaintence asking if I could pet sit her two leapord geckos while she moved about an hour away from our home town. I have my own reptiles and I figured I could help but I had never seen her reptiles. They are extremely emaciated and their coloration seems like they are sick and need medical attention. Since she has moved she has not contacted me and frankly I don't want to give back these poor creatures to someone who does not care for them. I cannot keep them as I rent a master bedroom with my bf and our daughter and we already have 2 geckos and a snake. I do not know what to do but these animals need help and they need it fast. They are a little when I got them about a week ago but now they have gone into a medical state of shock or something...PLEASE HELP! I am an animal lover but I am also a young mother and have my own 3 reptiles and German shepherd to care for. I don't want to give these animals back to original owner but I don't think she ever planned on taking them back in the first place. ****she even changed her number!
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Re: HELP! Abandoned geckos

Hi Caitib. Thank you for post and welcome to the community! Here's a tribal knowledge base article on tips for re-homing pets. I hope this helps you find them good homes. 

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Re: HELP! Abandoned geckos

where you located and what state
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