Re: new tank plants dying help

better image of my annubis, just started some CO2 supplement




Re: new tank plants dying help

a couple of the plants are still dying, their leaves are turning clear.. others have the brown stuff on them but they still look ok.... im adding the CO2 boost every day, and the plant food every week like suggested, 

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Re: new tank plants dying help

Prune off yellowed and decomposing leaves. Individual Anubias leaves last so long they readily accrue a covering of algae. I am not above taking them out of the tank and gently cleaning individual leaves.

Some die-back is to be expected, and some varieties-- alas-- escape our attempts to grow them. For example, I cannot seem to grow Cabomba or Milfoil-- so I opt for species I can grow. 

I am glad you have a nice large tank for your Tiger Barbs. They will look spectacular as they grow!

Good luck.


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Re: new tank plants dying help

i did some pruning, that has helped some, cleaned of the anubis and the driftwood, got my water tested again, everything is perfect except my nitrates/ nitirites were a little high.  i began using algone packates for that issue and the overwhelming algea issue im having, i also bought two snails to start out with.  havent seen much change so far, one week with the packets.  I do about a 10-15% water change weekly instead of bigger changes less frequently because i heard that is better for keeping the water more stable.

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Re: New tank plants dying help

There is a lady on youtube. She may have a video she made that talks about what she does for her tanks, and other stuff with them. she has about 18 animals in her room. Her name is Taylor Nicole Dean. Try looking her up she may have something for you.
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