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New companion care pack

I'm the proud new owner of a yorkie female name Ginger, I bought her a week ago and I'm traveling to texas usa next monday as I live in another city. Can I still get the free new companion care pack? cause I found an online coupon for this but it says that it expires on sunday, what can I do?

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Re: New companion care pack

Hi Maribel76 and welcome to the board!

The New Companion Care Pack is absolutely free. Just visit your local Petco and ask a store partner for your pack!

Say our HELLO to Ginger and have a safe travel to you!

Re: New companion care pack

If the care packages are the same across the nation, some of the coupons are already expired. BUT the Pennsylvania PetCo I have been visiting is accepting these expired coupons until August 31, 2016 !
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Re: New companion care pack

Yes, locations nationwide will accept the coupons through August 2016. Smiley Happy

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Re: New companion care pack

How is your Ginger doing?
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