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I would suggest that you use your pals account for every product you buy at petco because it will create a data base incase you have a problem.  I purchased a deer antler between 2009-2010 at Petco and provided them with dates of all my transactions that I was able to get via american express, but I was then told that they don't keep reciepts which means there is no proof of anything unless you scan your reciept and create your own database.  They reportdly told me that this information is tracked via pals but even I have 10 yrs of reciepts for my business and my personal taxes incase I am audited by the IRS.  Regardless, the point is buy your pet products from a company that cares to track your purchases incase you have a problem like we did with a deer antler that fractured two teeth on our 4 yr old dog.  I can go to Amazon.com today and see all of my purchased for the last 10 yrs so the fact that Petco is retaining records is of no value when an animal is harmed by a product they sell. in fact I was giving the run around.  First asked if I had a copy of the reciept.  Then asked if I used my pals account.  Then asked for a picture of the deer antler.  Not one person showed any concern for the product that was sold that hurt my dog.

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