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I purchased an inflatable collar on june  20th, using my debit card and rewards card, for my dog who was having surgery that day after being hit by a car . I wanted him to have the most comfort and to keep him from his back end. I blew it up and the air would hold for a bit before it would completely deflate. it just wasnt working. So I ran up the street to the vet and got one of their plastic ones. it was so hard for him to lay down with that thing on. I had to take care of him and so couldnt get back to Petco to make my return on the inflatable collar yet. Long story short, my dog passed away from the damage he entailed from the accident. This wa s a VERY painful thing for us, the dog was like my child. Painful ordeal for out children as well and it has taken weeks to be normal again. So today, july 6th, I was taking the inflatable collar back, it was in its original box and couldnt find my receipt. I google searched lost petco receipt and the petco rewards page came up with the site had a FAQ section telling about the rewards, And it states in the FAQ of pet rewards ' IS THERE A WAY TO LOOK UP YOUR OLD RECEIPT USING PAL REWARDS NUMBER? " ANSWER: " YES, YOU CAN LOOK UP YOUR PREVIOUS PURCHASES/RECEIPTS UNDER YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT BY LOGGING IN AND SELECTING YOUR TRANSACTION HISTORY. 

So I did. it shows the receipt number, date, amount, item number, item description and name, dollar amount, store number. Everything except the method of payment. I got to the store ( north KCMO location on N. Oak and Vivion Rd. ) and asst mgr Vanessa is who waited on me. I explained what was wrong with the item, handed it to her and the sheet I printed from Petco PALS REWARDS transaction history that showed my purchase and everything. She said she didnt even know you could do that. (HMMM imagine that ), she looked it over and said she could give me an in store credit for the $38 plus tax, but could not give me my money back or ceredit my debit card. I wasnt asking for cash, just put it back on m y debit card. I asked her why she couldnt. She sais " because the receipt i gave her that i had printed Off THEIR WEBSITE, didnt have what she needed in order to give the refund to me, they had to have this to refund me. I asked her what more she needed, what did it not have?? It had the RECEIPT NUMBER, you cant tell me that couldnt find that. it had everything on it, but method of payment and i told her that i would pull up my bank acct info and show her the debti card it shows up on. She refused, said they needed something else, but refused to explain herself as to what EXACTLY...all she said was the actual receipt. I said " are you kidding me here? I have no need for an instore credit, my dog just died, thats the last thing i am wanting to do" I asked for a mgr, she said she was the only mgr there. So I got on my cell and called petco customer service, I WAS BAWLING at this point,it was like reliving losing my dog all over again. very rude customer service, said i could not get my money back, no matter the circumstances, they would not and the receipt i printed online on the PALS REWARDS site was NOT sufficient enought for them to give me my refund. STILL NOT ABLE TO TELL ME WHAT THEY NEEDED THAT THE PAPER DIDNT HAVE.

I hung up, sat in my car bawling and left bawling my eyes out. I could NOT believe these people would not credit my debit card and issue my refund. I have never dealt with such unprofessional people ever. If i didnt have anything showing my purchase and with all the info on it that the online one had, then i would understand, but I DID. FROM THEIR WEBSITE AND REWARDS PAGE. Hell, how many places now days have this wonderful option/tool available now just for these situations, heck the cheap "5 BELOW " store has it available, about a year ago i bought something and it didnt work, i didnt have my receipt, i called their customer service and gave them the date, time, method of pmt and how much, they pulled it up and emailed me my transaction receipt and the store took it and gave me a full refund with no questions. A $% STORE has this option available and what a savour, BUT A HUGE PET STORE CHAIN DOESNT??? LOL After all this is what century now??

O have alot of neighbors with dogs, friends and family and I have shared this story with them and will continue to spread the work, I will NEVER do business with PETCO again , if we ever do get another pet. And my neighbors, friends, family wont either, PETSMART ALL THE WAY NOW.

Word of mouth goes a long way in this day and age, especially with social media, etc. I cannot believe the treatment i got and that i could not getmy money back for this defective item. DEFECTIVE, .....i didnt just want to return it for nothing, it was defective.

I am a very honest person, and these people made me feel like a crimnal and dishonest in how they treated me. i WILL never forget it.



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Hi, butterflygrl.  We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and taking the time to share your feedback. We had to edit your post and remove your email address as we don't allow personal contact information to be shared on posts. Please email us at and include a link to your post and your phone number. We'll have someone from our team follow up with you. Thank you. 

-Tiffany W.

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its sad to see ur experience but Petco really lacks the experience and even the care to deal with things right....i don't believe that the customer is always right but companies that try to ensure customer satisfaction, pet safety and do so thru honest communication is the place to shop. some companies only care about profits.....the don't care about the individual consumer because the know someone else will walk thru that door. my dog broke two teeth on a product that i purchased and all they were concerned about was if i had a receipt. in fact this is something so serious it should've been handled rather than me pushing them to do something about products that will break your dogs teeth. at the end of the day my number one priority is the safety of all animals but even this sentiment wasn't shared. i even reached out to my credit card company and they pulled the transactions that was sent to Petco on 7-21 and they still haven't even replied to that email. I have 5 animals and I rescue and I will never spend a dime at petco again.
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