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Returns for online purchases

I had a repeat delivery that came up without any notification. As I still have quite a supply I thought no big deal, I'll return it to my local store for a refund. On the website it says a return is still possible even if done through PayPal. The local store said they can't do anything but give me a merchandise credit via gift card. I don't need $68 worth of credit at Petco. I am GREATLY dissatisfied with how the shift manager and cashier were ignorant of company policy, and seemingly lazy to do a refund. I was treated as though I was a bother to their day.
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Re: Returns for online purchases

Hi Mommy22. We're very sorry to hear about your recent experience. If there's anything we can do, please send us an email to ptpsupport@petco.com with your phone number, the store and these details. Thank you. 

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