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frequent the Petco on N. Carrolton and I am so pleased with the customer service I receive from two employees, Keira ad Alex. They have helped me several times and their warm personalities and superior customer service is consistent every, single time! I usually visit the store 2-3 times a month to get live crickets and it is usually during the week, when they seem to only have 1-2 people staffed. Although the store is not extremely hectic, there's usually a handful of customers in the store or in line to checkout, which could overwhelm a person working alone. Obviously, my need for live crickets pulls them staff away from the register and it can be a little time consuming to grab 40 large, jumping crickets. A line can form at the register in the time it takes to grab my crickets and/or other customers can have questions for them, once they return from getting what I need. Needless to say, Keira and Alex return to not only myself, with a genuine smile, but they also tend to other customers the same way. Their genuine sense of wanting to help is a rarity in retail, and the world. It is very much appreciated and shouldn’t go unnoticed! Negative reviews usually require some sort of “action” and the same should go for positive ones. I’m not sure how much weight my review holds, but a raise or bonus would be awesome AND appreciated for both of them. It’s employees like them that contribute to the success of this store and entire company. Thank you Keira and Alex!!

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Hi Rylie


That's great to hear! We're happy that Kiera and Alex help to provide you with a great experience every time! We love sharing positive feedback with our team and we'll be sure to pass your kudos for them along. Thank you for  taking the time to share. I'd love to see a photo of your pet!


Alex Cat LOL


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