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Great changes

I would like to leave a comment about the store that I shop at in Cary North Carolina. I go to the one on O'Kelly Chapel Road often. Usually the experience is lackluster. I don't really have any problems but nothing is all that great. However, I have been there three times in the past 3 weeks and there is a new manager there and she is wonderful. The first time I went in and she was there I was surprised because I was greeted as soon as I came in with a smile and a welcome. I I'm not used to being approached like that at this store and I usually have to find someone to help me. I figured it was just a fluke and did my shopping. She checked on me while I was looking for stuff and was very friendly. The next time I came in she greeted me again, and so did another employee. This has never happened before. I ended up having three different people asked me if they could help me find anything which was a huge shock. Today, the third time I went in there, that same manager was there and I decided to talk to her about how different the atmosphere was. She was so nice and friendly and told me how she is new as a store manager and that she is glad that I noticed a difference. The way that she talked about her employees, as if they were important and special, was so nice. It is unusual for a manager to speak so well of their employees, but she did. We talked for a while about the animals that I had and she ended up convincing me to change my dog food. She taught me stuff about nutrition that I never would have thought to ask about. I don't know if these comments have a way of getting to this girl's boss, but I hope so. I am terrible with names so I'm not sure what it is, but I'm pretty sure it starts with a D.
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Re: Great changes

Hi nathanakers


Welcome to the community and thank you for taking the time to share this great feedback! I'll be sure to send this along to the store leader and see if there's a store partner that's name starts with D that fits this description. Thanks again for posting, I hope to see you around in the community again soon!


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