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I've been taking my dogs to the salon for several months and have had good service. Lately, when I call it seems like one person answers the phone and schedules the appointments. When I go into the salon for just a nail trim there are four groomers there but only one person seems to stop what they are doing to help me every time. Don't get me wrong, the older lady that assists me is very nice and my dogs loves her. No one has ever told me about behavior issues with my dog I just don't understand why no one else wants to service my animal.

I've even been shopping in the store and have looked for someone for assistance and no sales person around. I don't know if the lady from the salon saw me looking around confused but she has left the salon to come and assist me. How many true employees work at this store? Am I or my animal the problem? Does Petco really care about their customer service? Do i need to shop elsewhere? Where do we email our concerns to beside this blog?

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Re: Cheyenne wy store

Hi there. We're sorry to hear your visits have not met expectations; if you'd like to share your phone number with us, we'll be happy to have our team look into this and follow up with you directly. Thank you!

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