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What foods are not recommended for guinea pigs?

by Aluxe May. 11, 2016
Chocolate Nuts Onions Rhubarb Potatoes Human dairy products Garlic Shelled nuts or seeds Iceberg lettuce is not necessarily dangerous but it's not recommended due to lack of nutritional value

How can I make sure my guinea pig gets enough vitamin C?

by Aluxe Mar. 1, 2016
Commercially produced guinea pig pellets and treats are usually fortified with Vitamin C, which provides a beneficial boost to your guinea pig’s daily intake, but these may not be enough. Supplementing with treats in the form of fruits and vegetables...

What fruits and vegetables can my guinea pig eat?

by Aluxe Feb. 19, 2016
Vegetables Bell peppers, with their high Vitamin C content, make a popular guinea pig treat. Leafy green veggies are another good Vitamin C-packed choice, like mustard greens. Your guinea pig might also enjoy other vegetables, such as carrots or cucu...

Guinea pig training

by Aluxe Sep. 1, 2014
Training Importance: Everyone knows you can train a dog, but it's not widely known that guinea pigs are trainable too. They are not quite on the same level as a dog, cat or rabbit, but they can be litter-box trained and taught where it's not appropri...

Guinea pig behavior

by Aluxe Sep. 1, 2014
Pack Animals: Like dogs, guinea pigs are pack animals that are highly social. They rely on each other for companionship, and in the wild, these animals live in herds with continuous interaction. A lack of companionship produces mental stress. Many pe...