How can I train my hamster to be lifted in my palm?

by Aluxe May. 11, 2016
Community Manager
  • To train your hamster to be lifted in your open palm like an elevator, offer bits of vegetables or a single sunflower seed in your hand during the taming process.

  • The treats will help coax your pet to move into your palm. After being in your hand becomes an established behavior, you can lift them easily. Always use both hands, with the second cupping on the side so they do not fall.

  • Once they're in your open hand, move slowly, avoding rapid or swooping gestures that may startle your hamster and make them fall. 

  • Remember: never shout, clap or purposely startle your hamster to get them to stand, burrow or flop over. Your pet's natural defensive postures and behaviors are triggered by fear and anxiety and stress can lead to an unhealthy hamster.