by Aluxe Mar. 30, 2017
Community Manager

Is it at all stores?

  • The sale is valid only within the continental United States; AK and HI are excluded.*
  • *Extended Aisle allows customers in AK and HI to order in-store for home delivery or store delivery. 

Which tanks are included in this sale?

  • This sales includes the 10G, 20G (high and long) and 29G tanks and 50% off 40 and 55G tanks. We recommend calling your local store for more information on their inventory.

Are 75G tanks included in this sale?

  • 75 gallon tanks will not be included in every sale; special announcements will be made when they are, so please stay tuned!

When 75 gallon tanks are included in this sale, will they be available at all locations?

  • No, 75 gallon tanks will only be available at select locations (typically at larger stores and in major cities, please call your local store ahead of time to confirm availability.)

Does it comes with a stand, light, or lid?

  • The sale is on open glass Aqueon tanks and does not include a cover, stand or filter, etc.  

Can you tell me the dimensions of the tanks?

  • You can check out tank dimensions here

Are these tanks able to withstand heat to house a reptile?

  • Yes, the quality is so that they can be used as a terrarium as well. We recommend using one of our Petco or Imagitarium brand screen tops with these tanks: https://goo.gl/PWi458.

Why am I being taxed on the original price?

  • For information on taxing, click here

How often are these sales held?

  • The $1 Per Gallon sales are held every couple of months, be sure to keep an eye on your Local Ads: http://goo.gl/rULFhB, or "Like" us on Facebook and stay tuned for sale announcements.