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Petco forcing employee to dye hair a "normal " color

I recently visited the Petco store at525 Cabella Dr, Triadelphia, WV, 26059, the store was clean, , mensroom toliet seat broken,  as i waited online,  the ladies in front of me were complimenting the young sales associate, Taylor, on the cut and color of her hair, it was a trendy aqua blue colored, modern cut,  looked very nice on her, she was pleasant friendly and an asset to Petco,  when it was my turn to check out i asked if i heard her right, the management was forcing her to dye her hair a normal color, ?  she said it was right, even though she was hired with green  hair, all of a sudden management decided sh needs to dye it a normal color, i told her it looked good on her, and id seek legal counsel before i changed it,  her appearance was in no way detrimental to the store so how can they insist she change it anyone else feel this was wrong? im posting this here, because on site, and on receipt there is no address to contact the company

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Re: Petco forcing employee to dye hair a "normal " color

 Hi SteveS. Thank you for your question, can you please send the store location including state to along with these details so we can look into this further?


Re: Petco forcing employee to dye hair a "normal " color

I thought the days of judging people on the basis of their looks--or anything else that is not a bona fide requirement of a particular job/position--and demanding a change in appearance to reflect more traditional ways were all but over and employers were well-informed of anti-discrimination laws and know better!

I don't think there is anything "wrong" with blue (or any other color) hair and usually think those donning such a style look rather nice. IF I were younger, I think I'd like to have blue hair!

"JEERS" for this store's inappropriate request!


Re: Petco forcing employee to dye hair a "normal " color

What did you find out about this?  It seems to me that there must not be a company policy about hair color or she would not have been hired.  Some local-yocal manager should not get to impose his fashion sense on his employees.  What's up with this Petco?

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Re: Petco forcing employee to dye hair a "normal " color

where I work--neon colored hair is not allowed, nor is acrylic nails, facial piercing jewerly & tats/ink must be covered at all times--just saying

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Re: Petco forcing employee to dye hair a "normal " color

Where I work we're not allowed to have colored hair other than natural hair color. They told me and the other people who were being interviewed during the interview that we aren't allowed to have colored hair that that it's company policy.
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