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I hate the crickets!!! Omg stop chirping!!!

HOW LOUD CAN A **bleep** CRICKET BE?!?!? These things are the spawn of satan!!! They are so expensive that i would expect them to be better than the crappy things they are! i have bought crickets here multipul times i know it wasnt just a mistake. They chirp all night long and so loud that i was kept awake all night. i was almost to the point of ripping the wings off of every single one to get some silence. i willl not be buying crickets from here again, and to anyone else who wants a good deal go to aquatic pets and reptiles if you live in twin falls. You can buy a hundred of them for $5 about 5 cents each compared to the 14 at petco and they dont chirp you to an early grave.


Re: I hate the crickets!!! Omg stop chirping!!!

k then
guess theres always a good hate comment now and then lol. expression is good though will have to say, and they are expensive
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Re: I hate the crickets!!! Omg stop chirping!!!

My husband hears them chirping and I don't.  He claims I'm deaf and I claim he probably has high blood pressure.  I read that immature crickets and female crickets don't chirp.  Only mature male crickets chirp.  And mature male humans can be annoying too.


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I hate the crickets!!! Omg stop chirping!!!

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