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Sick baby

All of my dogs lymph nodes were swollen. Took him to the vet who gave him doxycycline. My dog did not tolerate them well and vommited a lot. Most of the nodes are better, but not completely healed. We did some research and decided to continue with a more natural alternative, oregano oil. In the mean time, he stopped eating. We had to start syringe feeding him baby food. The doctor fave us prednisone to stimulate his appetite, but I am skeptical about giving it to him with his nodes still a bit swollen. More research and we are giving him dandelion root instead. Now he has black diarrhea, veey much liquid poo. I am wondering if I am now fighting a losing battle. I feel like we started torturing him 2 weeks ago with the doxycycline. I can't afford to keep paying $100-200 every time we go back to the vet for a new symptom. Should I give him something like immodium for the diarrhea and keep force feeding him? Or does he know best, his time is up?
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Re: Sick baby

Hi Snuffthroostr. We're sorry to hear your dog is unwell. Unfortunately, we cannot give medical advice, and recommend consulting with your veterinarian for alternative treatment options if you wish to stop the antibiotic treatment. We wish you the best, and please keep us posted!

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