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Right Side Heart Disease

I have an approximately 12 year old dog that I have had for about 5 years.
A couple weeks ago she started losing her appetite, and randomly lay down in the middle of her night time walks on two consecutive nights and started walking very slowly on all of her walks.  I scheduled a vet appointment, but they didn't find anything obviously wrong with a basic check-up.  I then noticed she was swelling in her abdomen and took her to a vet that does more intensive checks.
They determined with x-rays that she has heart disease, on the right side, likely due to a case of heart worm was treated had 4 years ago.  They said there was no sign of current heart worms.
They also said she has early stage kidney disease, which makes treatment more difficult because the diuretics normally prescribed for the fluid retention will make the kidney disease worse.
They referred us to a cardiologist - but they also said that neither the hearth disease nor the kidney disease can ever actually be healed or corrected.
My question is about how much point there is going to an undoubtedly very expensive specialist when we already know she can't be cured.
I've read that the best case scenario, even with treatment, is maybe another 6-12 months.
Specifically, what I want to know is:
Other than diet changes, (lower sodium, and lower phosphorous) what are the possible treatment options (as in, what medications or surgery can be done that would help?)
For each possible treatment, what are the usual side-effects?
What is the prognosis with treatments?
What is the expected quality of life with treatments?
What is the prognosis without any treatment?
What is the expected quality of life with no treatment?
Basically, I'm willing to spend some money if it means she has a long happy healthy life ahead of her, but I don't want to just do anything that might possibly extend her life a few months, especially if that time is likely to be spent in pain or unable to move around and be active.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
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Re: Right Side Heart Disease

Hi, Didi. Welcome to the Petco Community and thank you for your question. We're sorry to hear about your dog are happy to hear you're in the processes of treating her.  Unfortunately, we are unable to answer these questions for you. We would recommend reaching back out to your vet or specialist so they can provide you with all your options you have for making an informed decision. We wish you and your pup all the best. 

-Tiffany W.

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