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My parakeet just died

i bought a budgie parakeet on monday, september 19th, about 5 minutes ago my bird died in my hand, he started to get sleepier and sleepier, when all of a sudden, he couldn't stand. he was really limp for about 20 minutes, so i put him back in his cage to rest. i then heard him convulsing so i picked him up and he started to get even more limp, and he died in my hand. this was honestly the sweetest bird and im so extremely upset. i bought him at the petco in mechanicsburg, PA. the thing is. i dont even really care about the money i spent on all the supplies, what i care about is that this came with no warning.

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Re: My parakeet just died

Hi maustin00. Sorry to hear this. Can you please email us at with your phone number, the store location and details so that we can look into this for you?
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Re: My parakeet just died

This exact thing just happened to us. We made it to the animal hospital 5 minutes before she died (so we got a $200 bill to add insult to injury). But the symptoms are identical. Playful and happy earlier today, then this out of no where. What causes this? How can I make sure it doesn't again?
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