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My parakeet just died

i bought a budgie parakeet on monday, september 19th, about 5 minutes ago my bird died in my hand, he started to get sleepier and sleepier, when all of a sudden, he couldn't stand. he was really limp for about 20 minutes, so i put him back in his cage to rest. i then heard him convulsing so i picked him up and he started to get even more limp, and he died in my hand. this was honestly the sweetest bird and im so extremely upset. i bought him at the petco in mechanicsburg, PA. the thing is. i dont even really care about the money i spent on all the supplies, what i care about is that this came with no warning.

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Re: My parakeet just died

Hi maustin00. Sorry to hear this. Can you please email us at ptpsupport@PETCO.com with your phone number, the store location and details so that we can look into this for you?
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Re: My parakeet just died

This exact thing just happened to us. We made it to the animal hospital 5 minutes before she died (so we got a $200 bill to add insult to injury). But the symptoms are identical. Playful and happy earlier today, then this out of no where. What causes this? How can I make sure it doesn't again?
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