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My parakeet just died out of no where

I have 2 parakeets..one male and one female. I bought them about 2 months ago when the new petco opened up in my town. They have been healthy and have always gotten along. When I changed their water out this morning I noticed that the male was sitting on the bottom of the cage not moving. I went to pick him up but noticed that he would flop around like his leg was injured. I took him out of the cage to take a closer look but i couldnt physically see anything wrong with him. He was just laying in my hands not moving with his eyes closed. I handed him to my husband so I could grab my keys and take him to the vet before they close but before i could even get out the door he was dead, My husband said he lifted up one wing stretched his leg back and then just stopped breathing and moving all together..I cant figure out what was wrong or what caused it. His mate seems to be just fine..What could cause him to just die suddenly and out of no where? Anyone else ever experience anything like this?

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Re: My parakeet just died out of no where

Hi Krisa. Can you please send us a private message with your contact information including phone number, store location including state, date of when you purchased the parakeets and any other details regarding your experience so we can look into this?

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Re: My parakeet just died out of no where

This happend to me just today it's usually caused by parrot fever as bird with this sickness stay on the bottom of the cage. This happens on its own and there in nothing you can do. You have to buy a new one. Sorry for your loss.
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Re: My parakeet just died out of no where

This just happened to us. Did you find out what it was?
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