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My cat has blood in her stool please help

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Before i wrote a message here saying how my cat attitude is out of hand and she poops all over the house. I added 2 new litter boxes and she did it again. However ever since i got her spayed when she was 6months old, now 3, she has had problems with diarrhea and throwing up. We deworm all of our animals regularly and feed them good food and clean water but it doesnt change. We have tried different foods too and nothing. She poops and its always really soft and mushy and there is always blood in it. Sometimes there is more blood in her stool than other times. Every once in a while the blood will stop but give it like a week or two and there is blood again. We have no money to be taking her to a vet and they would want to run tests. When it first happened after her surgery i took her and they said it was worms but like i said we give them deworming pills and none of the other 3 cats have a problem just my Cinnamon. Please idk what to do. Is she suffering? i wish i had money but I have nothing right now. Her attitude hasnt changed she still a jerk cat thats normal shes always been that way since she was small but i didnt know if this is normal for some cats or could she have intestinual issues? thank you 

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Re: My cat has blood in her stool please help

Hi Angel22867.



Thank you for your post, I'm sorry to hear that your one cat is consistently having blood in their stool. I checked in with one of our animal care specialists on this and they do recommend seeing a vet. Since money is a concern I recommend contacting your local Petco to see if they have advice on local shelters or other vet facilities that may offer low cost services. You can find the number to call the store nearest you here. I hope you're able to get her some care soon, keep us updated. 



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